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Product Introduction

Measurement for Water Treatment
SS-100 / MLSS-100




MLSS-100 MLSS /SS-100 SS can be set to measure a wide range of floating material up to 0 ~ 20,000mg/ℓ, 0 ~ 10mg/ℓ, 0 ~ 100mg/ℓ, 0 ~ 1000mg/ℓ. Its sensor is made with 90° diffuse infrared light and penetration absorption light technology and is easy to be cleaned and maintained.

MLSS-100/SS-100 100 is designed to be user-friendly where users can easily communicate, control, inspect the instrument or save data, using our built-in self-diagnosis, output signal and alarm functions.

Other built-in programs include a current output for controlling purposes, electrode cleaning period program, and especially the cleaning programs offering wiper cleaning, air/water spray cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning that are adopted for various cleaning conditions.


■ Option

Measuring Range SS : 0~1,000mg/ℓ 
MLSS : 0~20,000mg/ℓ , 0~100,000mg/ℓ
Temperature : -40 ~ 100℃ ( rage of measurement can be arbitrarily set )
Resolution 0.01, 0.1, 1, 10, 100 mg/ℓ(Select based on range of measurement)
Precision ± 1% of F.S.
Reproducibility ± 1% of F.S.
Calibration MAX 40 Points Calibration
Ambient temperature -25 ~ 80℃
Analog output Two(2) DC 0/4~20mA, Isolated
(Measured value & temperature, MAX load 1000Ω)
Digital output RS485, RS232C
Control operation Two(2) Relays (set On/Off point) 
Two(2) Temperature contact point (HEATER, FAN) 
One(1) Cleaning contact point
Control operation capacity 5A 30VDC / 2A 250VAC
Electrode cleaning Wiper (provide brush, spray type cleaning (air/water), built-in sensor, ultrasonic wave cleaning (clean individually or collectively) Cleaning period : 0 ~ 24 hours, Cleaning time : 0 ~ 10 mins (can be set arbitrarily), output signal holding function
Power supply 90~260 VAC, 50/60Hz
Power consumption Less than 50VA
Case IP66
External dimension 144 x 144 x 137mm

Specification (Sensor)

■ Option

Sensor type LMS-1 LMS-2 LMS-3
Measuring light 2 beam 3 beam 4 beam
Measuring method Comparison of 90° diffusion light of infrared light / penetrated light (2 ~ 4beam)
Measuring light source Comprehensive / removable (Ultra infrared LED 950 ~ 1050nm/photo diode)
Measuring ranges 0 ~ 100,000mg/ℓ(Range of measurement can be set arbitrarily)
Material type Body-SUS304, SUS316, Window-sapphire, Cleaning Rubber-Viton
Material type Wiper cleaning, single/multiple nozzle spray cleaning, built-in ultrasonic wave cleaning (individually or collectively)
Digital output RS485 / RS232
Protection standard IP68

Sensor holder (PH/ORP)

■ Option

Type Deposition, distribution, and floats Holder material SUS304, SUS316
Cleaning equipment material SUS304, SUS316, PP, PVC, CPVC, Acetal
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