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Product Introduction

Ultrasonic Density Meter


  • Heightened Measurability
    Ultrasonic double beam makes up for flaws of existing ultrasonic products, and is not influenced by chromaticity or conductivity
  • Easier Manipulation
    Instant commencement of measurement with simple one-touch manipulation, and easier replacement of tube due to its length switch identical to existing ultrasonic densitometers
  • Decreased Influence by Gas or Air
    Leveled output data of CH1 and CH2 substantially decreases the measurement errors
  • Built-in Response Function
    Restrictive condition for rate of change shall be set by adjusting the allowable variable breadth, the function for control of output change, in the event that the output changes substantially by radical change in concentration or penetration of excessive bubbles
  • Automatic Zero-Point Correction
    No additional zero-point settings necessary after initial zero-point setting.
    Built-in Temperature Sensor
    Temperature sensor built in detector or converter for automatic temperature compensation
  • Simple Range Setting
    Simple range setting without change of frequency by low or high concentration
  • Sensor Removable for Cleaning
    Air or water cleaning available if necessary
  • High Output and Sensitivity
    High sensitivity maintained by maximized output in the same frequency even for the contaminant

Major Functions

  • Liquid crystal display (LCD) for indicating measurement status including Concentration, Temp, Bargraph, Trend
  • Self-diagnosis and display brightness control
  • Present current value and concentration value ranging from 5 minutes to 48 hours identifiable on display with a built-in trend
  • Data cut off: data shall be cut off in the event that there exits a radical decrease in the echo by penetration of excessive bubbles
  • Frequency change: change of frequency by low or high concentration
  • Simultaneous indication of 2ch data: Simultaneous indication of measuring data of CH1 and CH2, and indication of average value

Measuring Principle

  • Ultrasonic double beam densitometer has a ultrasonic sensor inserted to a tube as the figure below.
    The ultrasonic wave, transmitted from each sender, decreases in the flow and arrives at the receiver.
    The amount of ultrasonic wave decreased here is calculated to measure the sludge concentration.
  • The graph above demonstrates the output trends of ultrasonic double beam densitometer and ultrasonic distribution type densitometer.
  • The double beam type shows a stable output with response and cut off functions.


Equipment Configuration (Standard)

Converter LT - 200 1 unit
Detector SS - 01 1 unit


MODEL LT - 3000
Measuring method Ultrasonic attenuation
Measuring type Double beam type, Single beam type
Measuring range 0~30% (0~10%. 0~20%, 0~30%)
Measuring degree ±1% F.S
Resolution  0.10% T.S
Reproducibility ±1% F.S
Limearity   ±1% F.S
Control method CPU control method
Indication unit %, ppm, g/l
Response speed Adjustable
Function Self-diagnosis, display brightness control
Output ㆍDC4-20mA (Built-in lightning arrestor)
ㆍLoad resistance ≤600Ω 
ㆍRS-485 OUTPUT MAX 1200m (option) Profibus
Alarm output H, L (Rated voltage: AC250V 5A), Lamp
Ambient temperature -20 ~ +70℃
Structure IP65
Material Speical coated STEEL
Power consumption Approx. 30VA
Power AC90 ~ 240V
Weight 5.5Kg


MODEL SS - 03 
(Convertible High Concentration or Low Concentration)
Frequency 1MHz, 3MHz (Automatic frequency conversion)
Pipe diameter 50mm, 65mm, 80mm, 100mm, 125mm, 150mm, 200mm, 
250mm, 300mm, 400mm, 500mm (Customization required for other sizes)
Sedimentary type 200mm (Gap Size)
material PIPE : SUS304 or SUS316
FLANGE : SUS304 or SUS316
Flange specification KS, JIS, DIN, ANSI
- Specification : JIS10K, KS10K
- Internal pressure : 1MPa(10bar)
Sensor quantity Double Bream : 4 units (2 sets), Single Beam : 2 units (1 set)
Workable temperature -20℃ ~ +150℃
Resolution 0.05% T.S
Liquid temperature 0 ~ 90℃
Pressure range 1MPa
Structure IP68
Exclusive cable 10M (Standard)
Cable Box IP65 (Aluminium)
Temperature detector Built-in type (pt100Ω)
Cleaning method Water or air cleaning selectable

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