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Product Introduction

Rader Level Meter


  • Non-contact type, no restriction on item to measure
  • Easy maintenance without any moving part
  • Supersensitive output against gas and bubble
  • 2-wire system
  • DC 4~20mA output, HART DIGITAL output
  • ±0.04% of reproducibility
  • Weak electromagnetic equipment, no restriction on space
  • Built-in protection arrester
  • Powerful corrosion resistance using antenna made of Teflon

Major Functions

  • Check measurements (level, echo etc) through liquid crystal display
  • Check level in dark places using built-in back-light
  • Air purge function
    (Prevent foreign material from being attached on sensor)
  • Noise removal function

How It Works

RADAR level meter is measured by short microwave pulse signal emitted from antenna installed on upper part of tank.
Microwave pulse signal is reflected on the surface then reflected wave is received by antenna.
Distance between level meter and the surface (d) is proportional to transmission time of microwave pulse signal (t).
Distance = Speed × time
L = C×T/2

Beam Angle


Measurement type Micro pulse reflection type (Cone-type)
Measuring range 0.30 ~ 35M, 0.30 ~ 70M
Frequency 5.8GHz, 26GHz
Degree ±0.2% (Liquid : ±2mm, Powder : ±10mm)
Beam degree 3 °
Resolution 1mm
Measurement period 1 time/83ms
Reproducibility Range±0.04% or 20mm
Indication Level, echo
Pressure inside tank 1.0MPa
Temperature inside tank -40℃ ~ 150℃
Output DC4-20mA, HART output
Load resistance DC24V (499Ω)
Material Case ADC
Antenna SUS316L
Antenna material Teflon
Power supply voltage DC20 ~ 32V (2-Wire)
Structure Case IP66
Antenna IP67

Adjustment soft Korean support

How to Install

Outward Diagram

Wiring Diagram

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