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Product Introduction

초음파 결로방지 (라운드형) 센서

Ultrasonic Level Meter


  • Degree: 0.2% F.S Resolution: 1mm
  • Indication unit selectable by meter, centimeter, or %
  • Current value identifiable on display without tester
  • Temperature sensor built in detector or converter for automatic temperature correction
  • Level change ranging from 5 minute to 48 hours identifiable on display with a built-in trend
  • Transmission status identifiable on display with a built-in oscilloscope
  • "?" shown on the display for measuring disability or converter error
  • Product defect identifiable with current output

Major Functions

  • Liquid crystal display (LCD) for indication of measuring status including Level, Echo, Trend, Temp, %, Bargraph
  • Advanced sensor the material of which is suited to tank with corrosive or viscous gas or steam occurs
  • Easier level identification in darkness with built-in backlight
  • 2 Sensors connected to 1 converter
  • There have been occasions that ultrasonic measurement were not applicable by dew condensation in misty, dewy and humid area, or by temperature difference. Our product made its surface of sensor in rounded form to swiftly help the dew concentrated around () the surface of sensor to fall automatically. Any potential error by dew condensation is completely resolved by 5 times of surface vibration per second that quickly vaporize water molecules.
    (Registered as utility model by Korean Intellectual Property Office : 20-044-0512)

How It Works

This ultrasonic level meter consists of sensors, a converter, and a dedicated cable. Ultrasonic pulses emitted from the sensors are reflected off the measured liquid and received.
The received pulse echoes are inputted as electric signals in the converter by measuring the time difference between the sent and received pulses and outputting signals that are proportional to the distance.

Sensor Installaion Tips


Equipment Configuration (Standard)

Converter LT - 200 1 unit
Detector SS - 01 1 unit


MODEL LT - 200
A (1CH) B(2CH)
Measuring method Ultrasonic pulse reflection testing principle
Measuring range 0.30 ~ 15M
Measuring degree ±0.20%
Measuring cycle 5 ~ 10 times/sec
Control method CPU control method
Function Self-diagnosis, display brightness control, current output identification 
(output error identifiable on LED)
Operation 6KEY 
Operating temperature -30 ~ +70℃
Output ㆍANALOG OUTPUT : DC 4-20mA (Built-in protective lightning arrestor), Simultaneous output for 2CH
ㆍLoad resistance : 600Ω, ISOLATION OUTPUT
ㆍRELAY OUTPUT : 4 contact points and A contact point (HH, H, L, LL) indicated by red and
 green LED 8 contact points (Option) for 1CH, and 4 contact points for 2CH (HH, H, L, LL)
ㆍRated voltage : AC 250V, 5A
ㆍRS-485 OUTPUT, MAX 1500M (Option) RS-232C
ㆍProfibus Communication (Option)
Resolution 1mm
Response speed 1000m/min (16.66m/sec) adjustable
Indication unit Indication unit selectable: m, cm, %
Indication LCD 
ㆍLEVEL (Simultaneous indication for 2CH) 
ㆍTEMP (Simultaneous indication for 2CH)
ㆍBAR GRAPH (Simultaneous indication for 2CH)
ㆍTREND (former data trend from 10 min to 48 hours) 
   (Simultaneous indication for 2CH) 
ㆍIndication of Ultrasonic Echo CURRENT VALUE 
   (Simultaneous indication for 2CH)
ㆍTEMPERATURE (Converter sensor)
Structure IP67 (>NEMA 4)
Material Polycarbonate
Power AC 90 ∼ 240V (50/60Hz), Solar battery DC 12V


Frequency  40KHz
Range 0.30 ∼20M (Blind zone 30cm)
Beam range
Workable temperature -20∼+85℃
Pressure -0.3∼1.5(kgf/㎠)
Mounting 1″P
Size ø 86mm
Mounting flange


Cable ø 7 ∼1.2M (Standard)/4C Shield


Structure IP68
Material Body PP, PVC, Urethane, Teflon (PVDF), SUS304, POM, CPVC
PP, PVC, Urethane, Teflon (PVDF), SUS304, POM, CPVC
Radiating surface Round form (Prevention of Condensation)
Humidity RH 0~100%  
Distance from converter 
to detector
Weight 400g
Headquarters(Factory) : Gunwiqongdangil 97, Gunwi-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-doTel : +82-54-383-7181FAX : +82-54-383-7188
Institute of Technology : 42, Palgong-ro 45-gil, Dong-gu, Daegu, Republic of Korea (Esia Polis)Tel : +82-53-383-7181FAX : +82-53-383-7188